The Customer Success Leader's Guide to:

Champion-Driven Adoption

How to Identify, Engage, and Cultivate a Network of Product Champions to Drive Product Adoption


How Do the Best Leaders Drive Product Adoption, Engagement, and Long-Term Retention at Scale?

Did you know companies with champion-driven strategies gain 40% greater year-over-year growth through customized interactions across each stage of the customer lifecycle?

Pulling from conversations with over 200 Heads of Customer Success, academic research, and a foundation of organizational psychology, Minerva has compiled a report on the best strategies for building a champion network to drive retention. 

This white paper explores:
1. How to identify product champions in client organizations.
2. Why CS teams need separate segments for each champion in the user journey.
3. The most effective strategies for engaging and collaborating with champions.

Download the paper to learn how you can drive net dollar retention today!

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How Can Customer Success Leaders Scale Adoption?

If your current one-to-many onboarding treats all clients the same, ignoring their different aims, ways of working, and unique flows through your system, you’re probably feeling the pain of low adoption.

We’ll introduce you to a framework to increase engagement starting from your first interaction with a client and powering through onboarding, adoption, and expansion.


How Do You Identify Product Champions?

Without product champions demonstrating the value of the product and supporting others through the process of adoption, a product will never be fully adopted. 

While all champions drive adoption, they don’t all do so in the same manner. In this paper, you'll learn the various motivations and categories that influence champions across every stage of the user journey, and how best to engage them. 



What are the best ways to engage champions?

 Learn to target the various desires of champion personas to encourage engagement.

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